• Increased focus on cash generation with >€7 bln of total aggregate Net Free Cash Flow by 2018
  • Cumulative dividends in excess of €5 bln by end 2018
  • Additional €0.5 bln gross expenses savings by 2018 adding to €1 bln already committed by 2016

Solid capital postition: FY2014 pro-forma Economic Solvency ratio at 186%

New strategy to become the retail insurance leader in Europe

  • Deep business model transformation aimed at delivering customer persistency and superior customer experience
  • New Chief Data Officer position to drive the integration of data-led decision making in the development of processes and products
  • €1.25 bln of total investments funded through cost savings and budget reallocation to support execution and further innovation based on data analytics and technology
2018 financial targets*
Net Free Cash Flow*>€7 bln
Dividends*>€5 bln
Cumulative gross expenses reduction 2017-2018€0.5 bln (€1.5 bln since 2012)
Total investments*€1.25 bln

* Cumulative total 2015-2018

The Generali Group CEO, Mario Greco, said: “Our strategy sets out an entirely new business model for Generali and for the insurance sector focused on customer service and loyalty, data analytics, extensive use of technology and superior cash generation. The goal is to set ourselves apart from competitors and manage challenges facing the industry by making Generali the retail insurance leader in Europe. To reach this ambitious target we will build on our unique strengths including a large customer base in Europe, one of the world’s largest agency distribution networks and best-in-class technical capabilities. Furthermore, we will act fast with the confidence that derives from the successful completion, one year ahead of time, of the turnaround strategy we launched in 2013.”


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