• Solid results confirmed by improved Life and P&C technical performances. Stronger third quarter
  • Premiums at € 52.1 bln (-2.8%): continued growth in P&C business (+1.5%) and the increasingly disciplined approach in Life segment (-4.5%) characterized by the high quality of the net cash inflows exceeding € 10.1 bln
  • Improved Combined Ratio to 92.4% (-0.2 p.p.)
  • Operating result above € 3.6 bln (-5.6%) with recovery in third quarter (+7.3%) and net profit over € 1.6 bln (-5.9%), accelerating in the last three months (+6.4%). These results have been achieved within a financial context characterized by low interest rates and also reflect planned lower realised gains as a result of managerial action in line with the strategy of preserving future profitability
  • Annualised Operating RoE at 12.7%
  • Solid capital position with Economic Solvency Ratio at 188%; Regulatory Solvency Ratio at 159%

The General Manager and Group CFO of Generali, Alberto Minali, commented: “The results presented today confirm the strength of Generali’s business model. In fact, in a still difficult market context, Generali continued its disciplined management of Life business, which aims to favour its quality and profitability. In Property&Casualty premiums increased, which allows us to make progress in a segment with excellent profitability levels. Thanks to the quality of these revenues, which are the result of the work of all our employees and networks, technical performances improved further, particularly in the third quarter, which registered improved operating result and net profit. This is despite the fact the investment results declined, due to the planned lower realisation of gains, the ongoing market volatility and persistently low interest rates. The annualised operating RoE, which reflects the slowdown registered in the 2015 final quarter, will be line with the targets at the end of this year. The solidity of these results is further confirmed by the capital position of the Group, which remains at very good levels despite the challenging economic environment”.


*Following the amendment to paragraph 5, of art. 154-ter of Legislative Decree no. 58 of 24 February 1998, the obligation for listed issuers to publish the Interim management statement was removed. As already indicated in the press release of 29 September, Assicurazioni Generali decided to publish, on a voluntarily basis, for the first and third quarters, the interim financial information on specific significant indicators for the description of the business performance and capital position of the Group. These indicators are consistent and comparable to those provided in the Group’s half-year and annual reports.
The data in this press release are indicated in billions of euro, rounded to the nearest decimal point.

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