The insurance group and the scientific institute of the United Nations have signed a three-year partnership agreement to develop a seismic risk mitigation model and to collaborate at a global level

Trieste - A physics-based model capable of analysing the behaviour of earthquake faults with a high degree of accuracy based on geological, seismological and satellite data, as well as on simulations carried out on high-performance computers. That is precisely the purpose of the innovative agreement signed today in Trieste between the Generali Group and the United Nations’ Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) - the world’s first and most important global scientific institution in research and knowledge transfer to emerging and developing countries, based in Trieste, and operating under the aegis of the Italian Government, the IAEA and UNESCO - to support a three-year project for the study and analysis of earthquake hazards and seismic risk mitigation.


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